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Accredited university
High quality education and research-led environment
Expertise in the Russian language teaching
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Our features
Studying at our university you will:
Be able to speak the language of Pushkin and perceive the mystery of the Russian soul
Be able to participate in the development of international relations
Immerge into the comfortable atmosphere of communication with native-speakers within university and out-of-class environment
Our advantages
Everyday we work hard to make life of our students better and happier
Tuition fees
Tuition fees are much lower than those in central parts of Russia and are about 80000 RUB per year (about $1400-1500).
Academic excellence
NESU offers its students "Russian as a foreign language" programme. There is also an opportunity to study Russian for a year on a foundation programme, and upon its successful completion enroll on any course the university has.
Student residence
The student residence has rooms for 2 or 4 people that share kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Kitchens are equipped with a fridge, microwave, cattle, kitchen utensils, oven, washing machine. There is also an Internet connection.
Thanks to everyday direct flights, you can easily get to Magadan from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.
Faculty and staff of North-Eastern State University are very experienced in teaching the Russian language to foreign students.
In 1993 a Russian linguistic centre was founded within the university. Students from the USA, China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Brazil studied there. Faculty and stuff also have an experience of teaching Russian to students in Chinese universities.
We have worked out flexible courses which take into consideration interests of various groups of students. Within in-depth study of Russian for US students we offer culture-oriented courses, such as Main stages of Russian history, Pages of Russian literature history, Linguistic analysis of works of literature, Russian cinema; for Chinese students, who are interested in economic relations, we offer courses on Business Russian, International Law and Economics. We take into consideration interests of various Christian denominations' representatives who arrive in Russia on mission. For some of them we have organized an individual course Bible: reading and explanation.
Our university fully provides its students with training materials and gives an opportunity to use audio-, video- and computer programmes for studies.

Having completed a course of studies at our university you will be able to use Russian for communication, dealing with professional problems and realization of culture needs. Also you may continue your studies in chosen fields in Russian, take examination test in Russian for foreign students (held for those who want to get a work permit or a temporary residence permit).
Why to choose Magadan?
Although Magadan is a young city, it has a rich history that leaves no one indifferent. Magadan oblast itself offeres a great scenery for those interested in the GULAG camps.
Magadan is also very attractive to visit from the cultural perspective, as here you can get acquainted with the lifestyle and traditions of the so-called indigenous peoples of the Far East. You can even take part in their traditional festivals like Khebdeneck and Backyldydyack.
Magadan is located on the coast of the sea of Okhotsk and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Wherever you go, expect to see breathtaking views of the northern nature.
Magadan welcomes adventurous guests and nature lovers: diverse wildlife, fishing, hunting, hicking, rafting, great slopes for skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, cycle tours, you name it. Magadan has it all.
Magadan is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer: bars, restaurants, nightlife, thriving shopping scene, cinemas and theatres.
People in Magadan are very kind, and the city itself is very safe.

Roman Korsun
Dear Friends!
Entering our university you can be sure to get a high quality education.
North-Eastern State University has been training true professionals for 60 years.
Our University is a modern academic centre with a unique multifunctional structure of faculties and specialities.
Our University takes the rightful place among the leading higher education institutes.
That is why our slogan is a real education for a real life.
We have got all possibilities for studies, interesting and rich in creativity students' life.
Welcome to our university!
We are waiting for you!
We will be glad to see you!
Dear students! Dear friends!

The land of Kolyma is a dynamically developing territory, the land of new values, discoveries and opportunities.

North-Eastern State University – the leader of Kolyma`s education – prepares highly qualified personnel not only for working in the region, but country wise as well. NESU graduates are successfully involved in various work fields in Russia and other near and far abroad countries.

NESU has a wide experience of international cooperation that overcomes challenges of the time and changes in the global educational system of the new century.

We will be glad to see you as students of NESU!

Sergey Nosov
Magadan region governor
Dear friends!

Magadan is the administrative city of the region with an interesting past, a great present and a bright future. Magadan has wonderful nature and extraordinary rich natural resources. However its people make the main treasure of the territory!

North-Eastern State University is the biggest educational and scientific centre of the region. Regardless of its young age NESU is a classical university with its own traditions, well-known scientific schools and colorful and exciting students' life.

The city is interested in further development of international cooperation and will be pleased to welcome you as one of NESU students.

Yuri Grishan
Mayor of the city of Magadan
I have known North-Eastern State University in Magadan since 1999, first of all within the partnership in the field of German Studies between Philological faculty of NESU and Erich Maria Remarque Centre / University of Osnabruck. I was the Head of this inter-university project supported by DAAD from 2001 to 2010 years. During this period of time 28 students and 18 post-graduate students and lecturers from Magadan took part in this programme. In its turn I had an opportunity to visit NESU in 2001 and 2002 years. These visits had the most positive impression on me which I gained from meeting with colleagues and students.

On termination of this partner project in 2011 our cooperation was prolonged by signing the Agreement on cooperation which brought its beneficial results.

One of the results was a foundation of a well-known research centre supervised by Professor R. R. Tchaikovsky in Magadan which was studying, as well as Remarque's centre in Osnabruck, works of a famous writer. This centre conducts research work in history and practice of Remarque's writings translations into Russian, and it also deals with stylistics' issues, metaphore studies and other problems relevant to German studies and Linguistics. Scientific activity of all the faculty scientists is appreciated in international scientific society.

Publication activity of the faculty staff is very high. Significant scientific publications of professors, post-graduate students and undergraduates of the Philological faculty are continuously published in NESU publishing office as well as in leading international scientific journales.
Do hope and feel quite sure that co-operative work of Osnabruck and Magadan will be successfully carried on in future and will lead to fruitful collective projects and publications.

Thomas F. Schneider
PD Dr. habil.
Erich Maria Remarque-Friedenszentrum Universität Osnabrück

Our past collaboration has been very important to both our Russian and Alaskan institutions. Over the years, we have had successful student and faculty exchanges, joint projects and conferences. This cooperation has built trust and good will between us. Within a year of the opening between Russia and Alaska in June of 1988, President Kokorev, Dr. Roman Chaikovski and many others came to Alaska. Our ties with our friends and colleagues at NESU continue to the present.

I have savored the many times I have visited Magadan. I am always impressed with the superb education you provide. It is quite remarkable that you have been able to maintain the high quality of education at your university in spite of huge financial challenges and political changes. Each time I have visited Magadan, your philological students have interpreted for me. Their expertise in interpreting has been excellent. Because I do not speak Russian, our good communication depends upon their skill. I have been very grateful for their assistance. I have been impressed by their ability to interpret both directions in any conversation. I have admired their confidence in providing interpretation before large audiences.

On most of my visits I worked closely with your philological faculty in the English Kaffedra. I enjoyed being invited to be a guest professor in their classes, which allowed me to work directly with them and their students. In this way, I was able to see first hand the good teaching your faculty provides. I admired their innovative teaching practices. I know from my language colleagues such as Dr. Margritt Engel that the quality of your language instruction is excellent.

For decades I have also worked closely with Professor Dr. Roman R. Chaikovski and his graduate students. I have been especially impressed with the quality of his students' research, which has been exceptional. He and they have become world renowned through their work.

For eighteen years, I had the pleasure of honoring an outstanding professor of the year, so I met professors from many different departments. It was wonderful to learn about their outstanding academic research, service to their community and region, and their excellent teaching.

This year Alaskans are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the purchase of Alaska by the U.S. Our Russian background is part of our own Alaska history. To me, maintaining our Russian ties is very important. Magadan and Anchorage continue to be Sister Cities.

While travel between our universities has become more difficult in recent times, technology in the past two decades has opened many new doors. This should give us a chance for optimism. As technology unfolds, it brings new opportunities for working together. We can envision continuing our partnerships between Russian and Alaskan faculty and students, perhaps joint conferences and some new projects. I look forward to continuing our longstanding friendship and collaboration.

Gretchen T. Bersch
Professor Emerita
University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
I was teaching at North-Eastern State University (Magadan) from August, 2016 till January, 2017. During my not very long period of work at this university I realized that life and education in this university are very comfortable: professors, students, students' families and even people who you don't know – are very friendly and nice. As I was a teacher from abroad my colleagues at NESU helped me in everything. First, they helped me to get a visa. Then they gave me advice on how and where to hold classes, what textbooks and tutorials to use. They were very supportive in everything. So I can say that lecturers there are very attentive and helpful. Thus, if you want to study at NESU you don't need to doubt the lecturers – they are really good.

Besides, I would like to say a couple of words about the students there. They are smart and skillful and easy-going so you can make friends with them. They can help you to take part in various events.

Also I want to say a couple of words about students' families. I was invited into several families during my short stay in Magadan. There we were cooking Russian and Chinese national dishes. It was a beautiful example of intercultural communication.

The same with city people who you don't know – when you meet them in the street – they greet you as you are a foreigner.

Housing opportunities were also nice. Student residence where I lived is not far from the sea so I had a wonderful view of it. So it's one more bonus for you if you like the sea.

I had my own bathroom, also have to mention good facilities for cooking. Not far from the student residence there are food shops and a shop with Chinese goods. It means if you want Chinese cuisine you can easily find products used in it.

There is a Chinese market in the city. A lot of Chinese people work there, so you can go there any time to communicate with your compatriots. Magadan is really a very safe and friendly city so if you make up your mind to study there you will get nice conditions for it. Certainly, I wish you to go to the North-Eastern State University to personally learn and understand serenity and peacefulness of the Russian North-East and the city of Magadan.

Wang Li
North-Eastern Normal University, China
Student's Vlog
Student activity
In free time the students dance, sing, play mind games, do sports
Educational programmes
Practical course of Russian as a Foreign language and others
A1 - Breakthrough
Formation of practical skills of using Russian as a foreign language for everyday communication according to Breakthrough level (A1), necessary to a foreigner for solving basic communicative needs in communication with native-speakers in the minimum set of everyday and social and cultural situations.
Download A1 full programme

А2 - Waystage
General purpose of the programme is to teach students to use Russian practically according to level А2, formation and development of language and speaking skills and competence in all types of oral activity in verbal environment.

Download A2 full programme

B1 - Threshold
General purpose of the programme realization is to teach students to use Russian practically according to level B1, development and perfection of language and speaking skills and competence in all types of oral activity in verbal environment.

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Bachelor & Specialist programmes
Our undergraduate courses will give you an amazing university experience. You'll have opportunities within and outside of your course that will help you grow academically, personally and professionally.

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Master's programmes
Your education will be more than just a master's degree. You'll quickly develop skills, knowledge and experience that will make employers sit up and listen.

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Postgraduate school programmes
Study on one of our 10 postgraduate research programmes and you will be the part of a community whose work has an impact on people's lives across the globe.

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